Amsterdam: trade, culture, science and international relations

Amsterdam is an authentic Dutch city with a tradition of trade, culture, science and international relations. It is a centre of learning and research which offers modern forms of employment at every level. A historic city centre, comfortable housing and very good facilities complete the picture.

Innovative and high tech companies

The Amsterdam area is home to an impressive number of innovative and high tech companies and knowledge institutes. The Amsterdam area attracts a wide range of nationalities from all over the world. Innovation, creativity and commercial spirit are among its core values.

The quality of life in Amsterdam and its cosmopolitan environment guarantees the attraction of world-class innovative businesses, academic researchers, professors and students. Amsterdam offers all the advantages of a cosmopolitan city and business centre. Nearly all the European multinationals are represented, if not actually based there. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is regularly voted the best airport by business travellers international mindset of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam features a relatively low cost of living, good and affordable international schools and available business and living space. In addition, there are large groups of highly trained professionals from Amsterdam and its surrounding towns, all potential employees.

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