An attractive environment for people to work and live

Amsterdam has a complete range of secondary and tertiary schools in or near Amsterdam, including the British School, the American School and the International School.

There is a wide choice of residential property for international staff working in Amsterdam, from simple to luxurious.


Science Park Amsterdam facilities:

  • offices
  • laboratory and clean room facilities
  • incubator facilities
  • hotels & restaurants
  • shops
  • conference facilities
  • public transport
  • sports and cultural facilities
  • residential and student housing
  • childcare
  • leisure and entertainment
  • railway station


Science Park Amsterdam has plenty of parking space for users and visitors. There are four parking garages with a clear lay-out and several parking layers planned. A clear distinction will be made between permanent parking spaces and those intended for visitors.

Park Management

To ensure the quality of public space, Science Park Amsterdam pays a lot of attention to the park’s future management. Park management will be responsible for the companies’ joint facilities and for maintaining the open air spaces, making sure that the Science Park remains beautiful and well-maintained.


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