Science Park Amsterdam

Science Park Amsterdam welcomes innovative and high tech companies wishing to enter the European and Dutch markets. The presence of more than 80 innovative companies and a number of research-based and important knowledge-based organisations makes Science Park Amsterdam attractive to both start-ups and established companies.

A world of science in a city of inspiration

Amsterdam has the highest concentration of Life Science research organisations in the Netherlands. It is home to two universities with academic hospitals, several research institutes, and a specialized cancer hospital and research centre.

Science Park Amsterdam is a place where co-operation between scientific education, research and innovative enterprises will be actively encouraged. This ambition is achievable thanks to a world-class infrastructure and high-quality computer and network services. [click here to view all facilities]

Innovative and high tech companies

Science Park Amsterdam is the place in the Netherlands for innovative and high tech companies. For example:

  • ICT
  • new media
  • life sciences
  • medical sector
  • healthcare
  • education
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • biotechnology
  • precision mechanics industry

An upcoming place where high-quality education, research and enterprise meet

  • unique opportunity for innovative and high tech companies to locate their offices and laboratories
  • a place of knowledge, talent and ideas
  • 500,000 m2 of offices, laboratories, educational buildings, hotels, conference facilities, sports and cultural provisions, residential housing and  childcare
  • access to the knowledge of 2,000 researchers at Science Park Amsterdam
  • top-class technical and internet facilities
  • good accessibility to the Science Park by car and public transport
  • the centre of Amsterdam is only 5 minutes away
  • the ‘Sciencepark’ railway station, with direct connections to the centre of Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport is literally within walking distance

Available plots

Currently, there are still plots available, click here for the overview. The orange colored areas are still available.


We will easily and quickly provide you additional information about our Science Developments. [click here to contact us]

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