Offices & Labspace

Tailor-made office and lab space

We develop for companies tailor-made and sustainable office (and laboratory) buildings in Science Park Amsterdam.

The buildings will breathe a modern and contemporary atmosphere that fits the park's environment. Transparent facades offer a good view of the Science Park to the users.


Open and accessible

The buildings, and their specific parts, will be developed with their users in mind. Flexible floor plans offer users many different possibilities for designing their own space. Light and space are given free reign, giving the buildings an inviting, open and accessible atmosphere. The area will develop into the Netherlands’ most characteristic Life Science business location.

Space features

  • 1,500 to 15,000 square metres (or the size you want)
  • Tailor-made
  • Highly sustainable
  • Efficient and flexible floor plans
  • Transparent (financial) process

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Growth and innovation

With tailor-made floor plans we offer ample room for growth and innovation.

For companies that require a smaller or larger space, we can realise a turn-key building with all required facilities, on-demand. We will assume responsibility for all aspects that are important during the process, from initiative to commissioning.

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Transparency is the key

‘We believe that only when you become better of your new building we will make a good deal too.'

'We strive to be better together. Transparency is one of our keys to get satisfied clients’.

ir. Merlijn Rademaker, project developer
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