Creating your dream

Everyone in society has their own ambitions with respect to work, health or leisure. Buildings play a substantial role in this. We understand this like none other. That’s why we have studied the building's function and environment, as well as the wishes and the world of the user. And this is how we come up with the most beautiful solution.

What we can offer

We will take the initiative for you and, if you like, even the financial risk. We will make a feasible design that suits your needs. We will build it. With expertise, efficiency, and on schedule. And, if you like, we will also perform technical management and maintenance, for as long as you wish.

Distinguishing capacity

BAM Utiliteitsbouw operates throughout the Netherlands. We are active in all sectors of the commercial real-estate market. We are the right address for all construction phases, from the initial idea right through to maintenance and management. Because we are in a position to execute all the phases of the process, we can guarantee an optimum development and construction process. This saves time and money and results in the most efficient products geared to your own needs. Our commercial, technical and organisational expertise ensures quality – the quality of the process as well as the quality of your product.

Royal BAM Group

BAM Utiliteitsbouw is a subsidiary of Royal BAM Group, a listed company and one of the largest developing construction firms in Europe. Within the Group, all development and construction disciplines are represented. Royal BAM Group guarantees the financial obligations of BAM Utiliteitsbouw. This means that you have one thing less to worry about in terms of finance.

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